Friday, March 9, 2012

Uni Q Creations to Contribute to Exclusive Celebrity Gift Bag for Tori Spelling!!!

YES read that correctly. Some of my items will be going directly to "Tori Spelling."

Ok Let me explain..

So there I was just sitting at my computer, going through email after email and I see this name pop up. After blinking a few times, because clearly I must have read it wrong and finally realizing after a minute that I didn't...I SCREAMED! 

OMG! Seriously!!!??? The email said there would be a lottery for 30 names to be selected to be part of a Celebrity Gifting for Tori Spelling and and her family. HOW COOL IS THAT! Some of my handmade jewelry items would possibly be gifted to "The Queen Maven" herself. I was super excited just have my name in that hat. ok..time to is entered and must walk away knowing if it was meant to be it will happen.

So prior to this lottery there had been another one for a very BIG A-list actor who I shall not name. I didn't get picked for that one unfortunately. So on the day for this one to be drawn,  I walked away from my computer, sat down with my 3 boys and watched tv. You see last time there was a lottery, I watched the names be drawn and although I was sad my name wasn't picked, I was elated for the people who were.

Ok, so later on (now 3 days later after the original announcement), I sit down once again to go through HUNDREDS (no exaggeration) of emails and THERE IT WAS!!!  

"Congratulations!! Your name was selected this afternoon in the lottery for our special opportunity to gift celebrity Tori Spelling!" (insert Hyperventilation, over abundance of screaming and my boys looking at me like I've lost my

Again ...OMG!!!! Seriously?!!??! WOW!!!  

After a nights sleep (barely) and calming down a little (not really lol),  I gathered myself up enough to realize, I have to come up with something to make. My first thought was her daughter Stella and how they call her "Ladybug" or "buggie". So I came up with this bracelet with flowers and a little ladybug that sits on her wrist. 

This was just the start of a big roll of ideas that flooded my mind. Here are the others:

Birthstone Necklace For Hattie
Full Collection as Gifted to Tori Spelling and her family

So let me know what you think and Thanks for taking the time to read my craziness ;)
Also if you'd like to know how to get any of these pieces for yourself or for someone special, I have recently added them to my Etsy Shop for purchase. Just click the link below the pictures and it will take you right over. 

More to come...Stay tuned.